DIY Jonathan Adler Inspired Face Vase

Technically this isn't strictly a Valentine's Day project but the timing was just perfect for anyone looking for something simple, fun and personal to give tomorrow.

FaceVase (1 of 2)

Inspired by the beautiful pottery of Jonathan Adler (specifically the Misia and Salvador vases), I added a little personality to an $8 ikea vase to create a cheeky display for a single bud.

FaceVase (1 of 14)FaceVase (2 of 14)
FaceVase (3 of 14)FaceVase (4 of 14)
FaceVase (7 of 14)FaceVase (6 of 14)

I started by rolling out a bit of Sculpey clay (i couldn't find my rolling pin so I just used a drinking glass instead) and cut out some face shapes. I wanted to do a girl and a boy so I made cat eye glasses, a pouty mouth, manly eyebrows and a mustache. Of course you could make these just about anything that suite you. Once they were cut out, I baked in the oven as directed to firm up the clay. Once it was cool I used E6000 glue to attach to the vase and then spraypainted the whole thing white.

FaceVase (9 of 14)FaceVase (11 of 14)
FaceVase (12 of 14)FaceVase (14 of 14)FaceVase (2 of 2)

tip: I thought I was being smart by priming first but the primer I used had a texture I didn't love so if I were to do this again, I would skip that step and go right to the paint. If your vase is going to be handled a lot, you might want to add a clear coat on top to seal it all in as well.

Finally I added single spider chrysanthemum (which last forever!) and voila. A little quirky valentine for about $10 bucks. Not nearly as impressive as the $100 version but still fun.

ps: if your Adler fixation is more of the pattern variety, check out this tutorial from Design Megillah.


  1. Bethany Brower9:19 AM



  2. That is so cute! Geesh people are creative! 

  3. Welcome back - missed you, but enjoyed the series! I think I actually like your version better! Love it!

  4. Lisa Rozario11:27 AM

    A very quirky piece; makes me think of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot - not a romantic thought - bit I do love how this turned out. Sculpey clay is an amazing product.

  5. Centsational Girl12:21 PM

    You are so darn clever, I love this!  They are absolutely charming!

  6. Amy Kennedy Slesar2:54 PM

    love those, they are so sweet! I like them better than the Jonathan Adler vases, whoops, can I say that?

  7. Maryr9997:02 PM

    Perfect!  I love it, and fabulous idea.  Made me smile out loud.  Happy Valentine's Day to you and Mr. Limestone.  :)

  8. michelle8:32 PM

    These are awesome, my friend has quite the fetish for moustaches and I think she would love these and on a do-able budget too!

  9. This is one cool idea ever!

  10. So sweet of you to say. Im sure Jonathan isn't reading so I think its okay :)

  11. Thanks Wendy! So sweet of you.

  12. What a cute idea! Especially since those vases are like 6 bajillion dollars. Yes, bajillion.

  13. Janae Cairns5:22 PM

    SO CUTE!! What a GREAT idea! 


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