Happy Valentines Day!

Its just a regular work day for me but how about a little homage to true love via some of my favorite old photos? Alfred Eisenstaedt's most famous image is his VJ day in Times Square, but it never seemed that romantic to me - I've always preferred some of the more private moment photos like the ones below (I liked them so much I used them to create some art in my bedroom!)

Or how about a couple from another master, Robert Doisneau.


In case you missed them, don't forget about my Valentine Days gifts to you - some absolutely free downloads for your romantic pleasure.

love is all around / makes the ride / instant valentines

Hoping your days are filled with love - romantic and otherwise.


  1. Callie Grayson9:04 AM

    I completely adore the Robert Doinseau photos on the right, it reminds me of when I lived in Paris and dated a French men. He was always kissing me like that..... Talk about swooning. All. The. Time.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  2. Nothing beats a vintage make-out photo ;)

  3. Loves passion in those old photos. True Valentines.  Have a very sweet day.

  4. Love the old-timey (did I make that word up?)  photos.  Very romantic indeed.

  5. Happy Valentines Day!

  6. I love the pictures - so precious.

    I have a corner beside my fridge that my sweetheart loves to catch me there to steal these kind of sweet kisses. The 'old-timey' pictures are beautiful but I'm thankful that the love isn't outdated! I have 25 yrs of these kisses & I'm looking forward to 25 more! :o)

    May your love be just as pure, sweet & long lasting.

  7. Yingying Xue11:37 PM

    nice page!


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