Kitty approved.

He took a few days to link about it but the man cave rug is now officially kitty tested and approved.


  1. Barbara @hodge:podge10:42 AM

    You always know you have found the right rug when the pets love to lay on it instead of their beds :) Love the pattern and colour!

  2. renee stephens11:20 AM

    well, as long as kitty likes it lol

    Looks great =)


  3. What a handsome (pretty?) cat!  

  4. Hi!  Adorable kitty!
    Question on the carpet...  I was just about to order the same one!  Do you love it?  Any shedding issues or things to know before I click "purchase"?
    Barbara @hodge:podge 

  5. Ive only just rolled it out this weekend so I can't really give it a fair review just yet. Its a looped style so I think those kind don't have as much of an issue with shedding so Im not worried but who knows. I definitely love it. Its nice and fluffy considering how cheap it was.

  6. Megan@twodelighted7:18 PM

    I love kitty posts.  Orange cats are the best kind although I may be slightly biased.  Your man cave is looking awesome.  The carpet really took it to another level and the pops of color from the map and art work are perfect.

  7. Angela10:51 PM

    I love the rug! :)  Your kitty looks purrfectly content. 

  8. That is one of the cutest cats I have ever seen.  What a charmer! So very, very glad he gives his approval!

  9. He and his orange fur look so handsome against the blue and white chevron. :)

  10. Julia6:15 PM

    Yay! I just bought the same exact rug for my son's nursery! I love it!


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