DIY Display Boxes Tutorial

Ok so this is a really simple DIY. Its sort of painfully obvious how to make a wooden box to most people but if I'm honest, I never even thought about doing this myself until a few weeks ago. I don't know why - its just not something that crossed my mind. Of course once I was set on it, I had to do it right away. Yea, power tools.

I put together the step by step for anyone who wants to give it a go. Aside from the nailing of the boxes, which required another set of hands, the rest of this project can be done easily by even the the most basic handywoman with a miter saw.


I purchased my supplies new but if you happen to have a nice scrap pile in your garage or recently harvested some palletes from the dumpster, this project is just about free.


  1. Megan@twodelighted9:24 AM

    This really turned out fantastic.  I love the choice of stain that you used.  It makes me want to start a vintage camera collection.

  2. They look awesome.  I'm not nearly as handy as my husband so I defer to him when it comes to power tools, but this does look reasonably easy to do.  I would still have him do it though;)

  3. I love the color of the wood stain. It's perfect. I'm going to have to use that on something!

  4. Such a brilliant idea, love the way it turned out!

  5. Maida Khan5:21 PM

    I always drop by to check out your creativity and never get disappointed. Looks absolutely brilliant. I would love to know the brand and the stain number, it turned out great.

  6. Tery Hodges8:49 AM

    Love it! I don't have a vintage camera collection but I do have a huge seashell collection. It might be nice to display some shells this way instead of baskets...would be able to see them better. I love the grey stain too.

    Just curious how you hung them on the wall?

    Your home is beautiful!

  7. I used those little hanger things you use on the back of picture frames.

  8. Thanks. Its Minwax in Classic Gray.

  9. Tery_hodges11:20 AM

    Oh the saw tooth hangers! I wasn't sure because your boxes look like the are floating...they don't angle out.

    Looks great...maybe giving it a shoot myself.

    Thank you so much!


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