Spring Snaps

Spring is always the most fun time to go out exploring. Here are some snaps of the season.

Brooklyn in bloomBulbs!  I want this in my hallway.
InstamaticThird right does make a right!
Bump aheadYummy!

Rewind to snaps from from spring, summer, fall, christmas and winter.

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  1. Do you happen to know the name of the bush (bush right?) that has the yellow flowers in that first picture?

  2. I believe its forsythia.

  3. Nancy Hood6:05 PM

    I love your blog and wanted to share it with my readers. Here's the link, and have a blessed day!


  4. Megan@twodelighted6:30 PM

    Beautiful!!  How did you do that effect to the third row down on the right?  Is that near city hall?  Stunning.  I keep hearing about this Eataly thing.  We may need to try that.

  5. No effect - just a dirty windshield ;)

  6. Megan@twodelighted9:38 AM

    Well that sure is the fanciest window dirt I ever did see.  Just another reason not to wash my car.  I'll take anything I can get. ;)


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