If I were a hoarder...

I would be snatching up this brass wheeled wood bar cart to makeover the heck out of it.

With a little bit of work, I think this would be a rocking party piece. Too bad I don't have the spot for it.

This is my second 'if i were a hoarder...' post (read the first here) and Ive sucessfully restrained myself twice so I'm going to pat myself on the back for my willpower but I definitely struggle.

Have you restrained yourself from scooping up some craigslist or flea market find? How do you stay disciplined?


  1. This made me laugh because I always say I am fighting that battle - 
    Not easy at all - sometimes I have to stop myself mid sentence ( from sending the seller an email ) and walk away from the computer.
    And if it's still there the next day it's even harder!!!
    Maybe that's why I have such a morbid interest in the show Hoarders, lol

  2. Tami @ Curb Alert!11:31 AM

    Great find and great discipline.  My problem is I have no discipline and tend to "collect" things, especially furniture! 
    Tami @ Curb Alert!

  3. Um yeah. That would have come home with me and I DEFINITELY don't have room for it!! You have great willpower, my friend :-)

  4. I usually stay disciplined by looking at my bank account and counting how many bathrooms still don't have a toilet.  Congrats on your restraint.

  5. hschilpp2:03 PM

    Oh, I don't know how you walked away from that! I might have been tempting to find a spot for it. 

  6. Jessica@11Gray3:07 PM

    I literally have nowhere to put anything so that helps me restrain myself.  It would be an awesome piece to refinish.

  7. Wendy5:15 PM

    And it would have looked so amazing painted in a high gloss tangerine or lemon yellow! (Says a fellow hoarder.) ;-)

  8. Jeannine5206:50 PM

    You passed it up for $25!!! I would have snatched that up so fast, never mind I don't really need it but it sure would make a good cart for my scanner/printer in my office.

  9. Twisted Susan10:25 PM

    I must channel all my power of self control to keep from pulling over every time I see a piece of furniture on the side of the road. 

  10. Megan@two delighted10:54 PM

    I am terrible at willpower. The only way I can restrict myself is through self imposed spending freezes where I can only buy necessities and do NOT allow myself to enter a Target. When the floodgates open, there is no turning back.

  11. I love this!! My husband's dad has a little shop where he sells all kinds of things. He knows I enjoy redoing furniture and has offered to sell anything I create. The problem is letting go!! I just scored some bamboo style kitchen chairs and table that I'm planning to try to sell...but they would look so good in my kitchen...

  12. Verodoula11:39 AM

    Yeah....soooo many times, I also don't have a square inch left! Sometimes I think of opening up a store...so I can keep shopping for re-do's!!

  13. Honestly, I'm not sure I would have been able to pass it up. I generally collect things like that and resell in the future. Nice find though!

  14. Ack, I don't have a spot for it either, but I couldn't pass it up!  It's awesome. 

  15. Melissa Nicholson11:29 PM

    I LOVE the bar cart!  I don't think I could have resisted.  I have to hold myself back ALL of the time and remind myself I live in a bungalow!  It's so hard when you find great pieces that could be FAB pieces with a little TLC.  Love that you shared!

  16. Well I AM a hoarder and it would be parked in my hoard room as we speak. Just saying. Such great potential (smile).


  17. Ugh yes I'm like this with chairs - I'm not allowed to look at chairs anymore! I don't know what it is about them but I just love them!. I could have found a place for that bar cart though!

  18. Ugh yes I'm like this with chairs - I'm not allowed to look at chairs anymore! I don't know what it is about them but I just love them!. I could have found a place for that bar cart though!


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