Trash to Treasure is back!

Now that I'm firmly past the half way mark in baby cooking, I'm starting to look quite rotund. Thankfully I've been feeling good so I'm keeping my fingers crossed the next 17 weeks go just as smoothy. We've started on the nursery, narrowed down on a possible name, and started baby shopping - its all very surreal! With that in mind, I'll be taking a little alone time with the hubs next week.
Stefanieat23Weeks (4 of 5)Stefanieat23Weeks (1 of 5)
Of course I won't be leaving the blog barren! So excited to have 5 wonderful trash to treasure guest posts all lined up for your viewing pleasure next week. A quick peek at whats in store.

Big thanks to these lovely bloggers who shared their treasures. Go stop by their blogs to see more of their talents.

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  1. Robyn9:57 AM

    you look great! have a great break from the blog

  2. Toniann10:01 AM

    You look beautiful! Have fun with the hubby!

  3. alison10:38 AM

    Um, kind of unrelated to diy... love your jeans!  what brand/style?  And i agree with the others, you look fab :)

  4. alison10:39 AM

    not enough coffee this morning... i mean my question is kind of unrelated to diy...

  5. Thanks. The jeans are from the Gap maternity line but I can't really recommend them. They look good when Im standing still but they fall right off as I walk around. The waistband isn't tight enough to hold up the weight of the jeans. (Ive found that to be an issue with almost all of the full panel pants) Im going to have to remove the elastic the jeans come with and sew in some spanx or something but I haven't quite figured out how to do that yet. Until then Im wearing dresses to work and yoga pants at home :)

  6. Alaina9:35 AM

    I am so excited for you.  The first child is just so much fun because it is so full of new things.  Enjoy every minute of it.

  7. Julie B1:40 AM

    I just hit 24 weeks on Friday. Wish I had half your energy, but I'm limited ro crafting from bed for the next 12 weeks. All nursery projects are having to be followed thru by my husband...and it's killing me to not be painting something!

  8. You look SO beautiful!  Pregnancy suite you:)

  9. Dina @ Honey + Fitz12:38 PM

    We have the exact same due date! You look great, hope you're feeling well!


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