Baby closet hack

Look what my brother made for me! A sturdy rolling clothing rack made from pipes that will let me turn our roof access closet* into a baby fashion storage space. Hooray!!

*For those who don't live in attached houses, you probably have no clue what I'm talking about. For those that do, I know you are rejoicing with me.

Think of all the baby clothes this bad boy can handle. The real question is why didn't I think of this before?


  1. ramblingrenovators9:51 AM

    So smart! Baby Limestone's clothes will look so pretty hanging there.

  2. Genius! We need a pic of this attic access closet! I'm intrigued!

  3. It looks like a regular closet - it just happens to have a ladder in it to access the roof. So where you would normally put up shelves and bars for clothing, you cant really do that since it would block your ability to get up there. (We dont have an attic)

  4. Andrean Saunders10:39 AM

    I think I know what you are talking about - I live in England in a Mid Terraced 2 up, 2 down (well originally until someone stuck a kitchen and bathroom at the back of the downstairs room) house.  Built just at the turn of the last century probably for local pottery workers, it has stairs in the centre accessed via a door from the back living space, at the top there are 2 bedrooms off the 2 foot square landing.  In the larger of the bedrooms and going over the stairwell is a closet space which in turn is used to access the loft (attic) space.  I would love to see how the space compares with mine :)

  5. theblahblahblahger12:21 PM

    AWESOME idea!!!

  6. Cathy1:11 PM

    Tutorial from your brother please!

  7. That is so cool!  I'm guessing it's just a little tiny space, right?  Very creative. 

  8. That is fabulously industrial looking!

  9. lh97894:20 AM

    Ah! Thanks for the closet description- now I get it. Your brother's solution covers the problem nicely- and with the pipe fittings, even the top rack is secured against hangers sliding off. How thoughtful of Future Uncle Limestome to make it for you.

  10. Lucy Keogh6:37 AM

    This is GORGEOUS! You lucky lady...and baby!  Think I might need one of these in my hall way as a coat gorgeous would that be...the possibilities are endless!

  11. Eva Stephen8:35 AM

    Exactly, that's a smart solution to save space. Efficient and cost effective. 

  12. Marnie4:45 PM

    So stinking smart!

  13. Musette10:58 PM

    why is it called a hack?

  14. The closet rack is wonderful, your brother did good! (I'll bet he's going to be an awesome Uncle too)! I also want to add my two cents about the nursery rug, I looove the faux rug, it looks super cozy!
    I found your blog while looking for Raven idea's for my Bunco party!  I copied some of your ideas, I hope I somewhat lived up to your standards, thank you for sharing your ideas,  you're truly gifted! This years idea's are fabulous, and I think the ruby slipper totally put it over the top!!!  I can hardly wait to see your bebe's birthday parties!!! Hugs, Debbie@ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  15. I think you could sell these.
    great idea, so practical.

  16. Lorrie9:06 PM

    Really great idea and job well done. I do have to say though my attic
    closet has storage racks behind the ladder that I use for my food
    pantry. It has 4 large shelves I spray painted black. Being behind the ladder doesn't hinder access to the roof.

  17. I would love to know where he got everything (home depot? specialty store?) and how he planned out the sizing - cutting pipes or premade?

  18. My brother doesn't blog so he didn't take any notes or photos as he built it. So I really have no idea.


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