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You might have been wondering why there has been a dearth of travel posts on the blog this year.  You might chalk it up to pregnancy but I actually have been traveling - I just haven't had time to post about it.  Back in July we spent a few days in Isanbul and Paris.  Between the jet lag and the heat, I was pretty knocked out in Istanbul so I didn't get to enjoy it as much as I would have liked.  That said, its an amazing city and I am definitely going back (but not in summer!)  Here are some snapshots.

Istanbul (4 of 42)
Istanbul (1 of 42)Istanbul (3 of 42)
Istanbul (6 of 42)Istanbul (8 of 42)
Istanbul (10 of 42)Istanbul (12 of 42)
Istanbul (20 of 42)

Istanbul (41 of 42)Istanbul (42 of 42)
Istanbul (38 of 42)

A big thanks to Meg of Knocked up Abroad who took me around the less touristy parts of the city on our last day there.

The second leg of our trip was to Paris where we lucked out with cool weather and I was feeling a lot more energetic. More on that in another post.


  1. Love Istanbul. I too was there in June. The "poofy" bread with the black seeds is awesome! Such a romantic city.

  2. I've been to many of those streets you photographed! Except that gigantic thing you are about to eat???!  You've taken lovely photos in the grand bazaar. Try November next time. Or New Years, A huge huge party all the way down Taksim to Beyoglu. Babies welcomed (and adored).

  3. Loved these photos - we just went to Turkey in September. It wasn't sweltering and not as crowded. Such a lovely place with really friendly people and something beautiful and ancient around every corner.

  4. Merhaba, canım. İstanbul'u sevdın mı? :D
    It's always beautiful to see pictures from my mother's homeland.

    And man, what a big Pide you were trying to eat there!!!

  5. Yay, so glad to see your pix at last! You should definitely go back with baby, even if we aren't there anymore to host you, we could always be persuaded to return!

  6. Baharmasali3:42 PM

    I am from İstanbul, and love to see your post. Photos are wonderful, thank you for visiting to İstanbul

  7. Ha!  We always seem to travel to the same places.  We were just in Istanbul in April!  In the last 24 months we've been to many of the same places (Morocco, Thailand, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Cuba [well...I can't remember if you've been there?], Istanbul, and various cities in Europe [Prague & Budapest, included].)  I sure hope we're on the route to a little one sometime soon too.  Congrats & I love your photos!  We thought Istanbul was great, but I got some food poisoning, so that ruined the trip a bit.

  8. Thanks Courtney. Sorry to hear about the food poisoning. With very few exceptions Ive been able to steer clear of that which definitely makes all the difference!

  9. Lisha2:42 PM

    Sad to hear that you didn't really get to enjoy Istanbul!  That giant pita looks delicious - the pita bread from the store just doesn't cut it after having tried the real stuff.  When you go back you should definitely take baby with you once she's older (like 8+).  The rest of Turkey would be so cool for an older kid.  There's so many ruins to explore and at most of them your scramble around on stuff at will.  Can't wait to see your Paris pictures!

  10. Istanbul is on my list of places to travel. Looks fantastic. 

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  12. Carol Geu5:28 PM

    What camera do you use for your marvelous photos?


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