Few things are more aggravating than finding the perfect dresser to makeover and finding this staring back at you.

Grrrrr.... The search continues.


  1. Jennifer@TheChroniclesofHome9:19 AM

    What a bummer!  On an unrelated note, I came across this fabric recently and thought of your beautiful nursery-in-progress:

    Love the navy and coral colors you're going with!

  2. Oh Noez!!! :(
    The worst 4 consceutive letters to see while shopping!

  3. Argh, I mean... consecutive!!! :C

  4. Sold tag just makes you want it all the more, doesn't it?  Sometimes I feel like I want something more when I know I can't have it.  Guess I just like to torture myself.

  5. Joanne B.6:05 PM

    Would it be mean of me to suggest you say you are Mrs. Fitzhugh and you are here to pick up your dresser? (only kidding Mrs. Fitzhugh!). Don't fret, the perfect one is coming your way! And like that baby, it will be worth the wait...

  6. Andrea Ritcey12:10 PM

    Been there more times than I care to remember.

  7. Rogeralicem6:51 PM

    I feel your pain, cuz you know if you had just come earlier or run your errand in a different pattern, it would have been yours! There's a red tree shaped card display at large in the world that eluded my grasp!


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