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After not dealing with the heat of Istanbul that well, we flew to Paris where we were blessed with beautifully cool weather.  I was feeling so much better!  Having been to Paris a few times already we didn't feel the need to do anything in particular but rather spent our time walking the streets and soaking up one of my favorite places.

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As much as I love to travel somewhere completely new, going back to an old favorite is pretty fab too.  Without the pressure of seeing certain things looming over us, we could linger longer at old favorites like the best department store in the world, BHV.  I race past the clothes and head right to the home decor and craft floors.  We wandered in Père Lachaise cemetary and didn't find a single one of the graves on the tourist map.  We lingered over a fancy meal where the maitre'd gave me the serious evil eye for being dressed casually.  We went to the drug store and bought the baby a Sophie the Giraffe from the source (It's a good thing I didn't know if we were having a girl at this point because I would have blown my budget bringing home all sorts of tiny parisian outfits - the children's clothing there is hard to resist!). We ate fresh strawberries and rasberry tarts on the street.  It was wonderful.

I know its cliche but there is just something about Paris that seduces. 

Want to see more of Paris?  Check out our 2007 trip.  


  1. Looks like fun! I'd love to go back to Paris someday just to spend more time at the Louvre or go see the stuff that we didn't the see the first time around like Disney. I swear I learned more about art in Paris than I ever did in school!

  2. vonfrinkenhagen8:53 AM

    Paris is my favorite - been there 4 times now.  I loved it before I ever went, but being there confirmed it.  I can look past all the dog poop on the sidewalks and sketchy guys who try to cheat us out of metro tickets. :)   

  3. awww to that cutie bulldog. looks like you guys had a lovely time! i was in paris a couple times years ago as a poor college student and a poor post-college tourist. can't wait to go back to enjoy things as a slightly less-poor adult!

  4. Sarah Fogle9:36 AM

    Can you make the blue/green crayon and the little green eiffel tower photos for sale on your print page?  I think they are so cute and they'd be perfect little photos for the bathroom reno.

  5. So fun, and that first photo is absolutely lovely. Is it for sale in your shop?

  6. Beautiful! We went to Paris for the first time this past August, and you're right - it totally seduces. You can see our trip here:

    We have some of the same shots! :)

  7. Allison B11:02 AM

    Your travel photography is always so wonderful. I just wanted to say that I totally agree w/ you about how nice it is to return to a city you've already visited and just enjoy soaking up the atmosphere instead of dividing time b/t 4 or 5 different "must see" sites. And Paris is great for that, cheers. 

  8. Diana_jade_ro12:17 PM

    Petit bateau! They are the best, if only a little expensive. I hope you didn't spend a dime at Bonpoint, though!

  9. Stunning photos, and stunning you! Paris is the place I'd never get tired of. I almost always wanted to go right back after every trip.

  10. Cassie {Hi Sugarplum}4:29 PM

    Of all the places we've been (not nearly as many as you guys!), Paris is one of the few places that I'd actually return. Not that I haven't loved everywhere else, but I love seeing new places each time. Going a second time, and not being a hardcore tourist, was the best trip. You look beautiful...pregnancy so agrees with you! ox

  11. Awesome pictures, as always. 

  12. Danielle7:55 PM

    Tell me about it ( concerning the baby clothing in Paris). My friend had a baby girl right before I left for Paris and I came back with tons of dresses!!

  13. Gorgeous pictures Mrs. Limestone!  My husband and I are going to Paris for a week in June and I can.not.wait. 

  14. Sem Pé8:22 PM

    Oh... I miss Paris! Been there 4 times and you're right, there is something about Paris.
    And when you been there allready you can just walk around the great avenues or the little hiden streets and you'll always find something to surprise you like the little shop that makes dolls, or the the place that only sells music boxes in the Jardin de Luxembourg.
    Leonor (

  15. Sure - drop me an email and Ill respond with the links.

  16. Which one?  If you drop me a mail with what you wanted, Ill send you back a link to purchase.

  17. We didn't buy any baby clothes since we didn't know the sex at that point.  I'm sure we saved ourselves a bundle :)

  18. It is absolutely correct that roaming
    in a familiar place is pretty fab too. And truly speaking I miss Paris like
    anything, the cool weather, the silent streets and the Eiffel Tower located in
    Champ de Mars in Paris. I wish I could stay there life long.


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