Halloween Invitation: Lone Ruby Slipper

Now that the exterior decorations were up, invitations to our little Halloween get together were up next. Since the concept was a darker Wizard of Oz, I went with a lone ruby slipper along with a note from a cowardly lion asking for some help on All Hallows Eve.

RubySlipperHalloweenInvitationBrooklynLimestoneWATERMARKED (1 of 6)
RubySlipperHalloweenInvitationBrooklynLimestoneWATERMARKED (4 of 6)RubySlipperHalloweenInvitationBrooklynLimestoneWATERMARKED (6 of 6)

It reads:
Dorothy's been missing for many years now
Scarecrow & Tin Man are gone too somehow
Within the haunted forest they may be
where wicked witches lurk among the trees

Oh what I'd give for an ounce full of courage
but I'm weak, tired and quite discouraged
All the goodness of Oz can be restored if you care
if only I had nerve and wasn't so scared.

All I have left is this one ruby slipper
sent to you with a proposition to consider

Join me in Oz for Halloween night
Share in the struggle against one witch's might
Help defeat one wicked old crone
I've tried my best, but can't do it alone.

Through it all we'll remind ourselves
there's no place like home.

I still have to work on Mr. Limestones costume and get some interior decorations up.  Tick tock, tick tock 16 days til Halloween.


  1. andrea8:58 AM

    amazing! Can't wait to see more!

  2. That's a crazy beautiful invite. Did you find the ruby slippers or did you glitter them yourself?

  3. I found your blog last week through Hooked on Homes, and love it! I would love to attend your Halloween parties and see your house. Too bad I don't live in NYC :(

  4. Fantastic!  Did you find the slippers that way or did you have to glitter them?  Colleen and I have been obsessing over the picture of these on facebook since you put them up.  

  5. Elizabeth10:18 AM

    Love these!  As always - can't wait to see how it all comes together with your costumes and the party.  No one I know has Halloween parties...it would be so awesome to have friends like y'all who put together something so amazing every year!

  6. Wendy - Old Town Home10:27 AM

    Once again you've outdone yourself, Stefanie!

    Were you able to mail the slippers, or did you hand deliver them? Also, what was the cost per invite (including postage if applicable?) And, how many households do you typically invite vs. how many people attend?

  7. Yes, I mailed them. No clue what they cost in total. I probably spent about $100 total but I only make a few of them.

    I usually send out about 10-12 invites so maybe a total of 30 people including kids. Since we have the party on Halloween proper, who comes is more of a function of who has to work that day/who can get to my house in time. Most people I invite come but I don't cast the net very wide. (I dont really invite people who dont usually attend) Obviously Saturday Halloweens are more crowded than weekday ones. Its really more of a casual thing since we spend most of the time giving out candy and hanging out outside than having a real party inside.

  8. I got lucky and found them ready made. I was going to DIY it but this was a lot easier.

  9. Holy crap.....these are so fabulous. Love love love! And I REALLY wish I lived near you so I could get an invitation to your Halloween parties.

  10. I always so look forward to your theme and pics for Halloween. This one is fantastic! My mom also goes all out for Halloween, and each year she has Halloween Bunco at her house. It's great fun, and I'll be sending her to your page so she can enjoy this one, too.

  11. Chelsea (twotwentyone)12:17 PM

    Such an awesome idea, Stefanie!  The Wizard of Oz was my favorite childhood movie--  I actually wore out the tape.  Your exterior decorations look amazing too.   I must admit that when I was a kid, I had to fast forward through the flying monkey scene.  Can't wait to see more party details!

  12. I ♥ your Halloween style because it is clean, polished & creative.  I've looked for other sites that would be as delightful as yours for Halloween eye candy but they aren't to be found. Your house is also the perfect canvas.

  13. Oh my gosh, these are so cool! I love it!

  14. Christen3:28 PM

    I know you'll get this a lot, but it still needs to be said:  You are a Halloween genius.  that is all :)

  15. Anonymous8:40 AM

    I have always been amused to be here....simply an awesome post..

  16. Rachel7:31 PM

    So cool as usual! Can't wait to show you mine they are Sweeney Todd themed but I only just screen printed them today!

  17. Love these invitations!  Especially since we just saw Wicked on Broadway :)  Great job!

  18. Ashley Lovett7:34 PM

    Speechless. I am so impressed Mrs. L!


  19. In all the years I've read your blog and have seen your invits this one tops them all. Wow...!!!!!!! This is my all time favorite as well.

  20. Unfreakingbelievable Mrs. Limestone.  You are amazing.  Can't wait to see the rest of the party pictures!  

  21. Kathy Aylward7:52 PM

    Your invitations are just amazing....your talents never cease to amaze me...Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  22. Eva Stephen7:56 PM

    Great. But I would love to see its DIY.

  23. Eryn_vaughn9:48 PM

    Amazing!! So creative!

  24. Michael A Wurm Jr10:28 PM

    This is amazing! The fact that you are throwing an Oz inspired halloween party is mind-blowingly amazing! I canNOT wait to see this all come together!

  25. Not much to DIY on this one. Assuming one can do the graphic design part, its just a matter of cutting to the shape and size of the sole.

  26. Sounds fab. Let's see em!

  27. Aggie92710:38 AM

    That is so FREAKING Brilliant! 

  28. Lisa forseth7:44 PM

    Love your Vision...such an inspiration!!

  29. Love your invites--you always have such amazing themes each year!

  30. These are so cute!! Might even be my favorite Halloween invite yet- the wording is just perfect!!

  31. This is awesome. The shoe invite, the poem, the whole theme. You are so creative! I don't have the energy to put this much work into Halloween, so instead I live vicariously through you. Haha. Can't wait to see more of your Halloween creativity!

  32. What font did you use for the invitations?
    You really are a Halloween and GENIUS!!!


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