Oh baby: nursery progress (or lack thereof)

I bet some of you are thinking I have a fully outfitted nursery all ready to go and I'm just holding out. I am almost full term so I can see why you might think that.
Dresserinprogress (1 of 1)
Ha! I laugh at you naïveté!

As you can see, we decided to paint the dresser white. The nursery is in a shambles and my house looks like a baby bomb went off. Good times.

I hope I have something more worthy to show soon - until then rest in the knowledge that I'm a complete mess.


  1. Life with babies...things always seem to take longer than previously...they are life-changing - in a great way!!

  2. Good luck getting everything together!

    -Kenz @ www.interiorsbykenz.com

  3. Dina @ Honey + Fitz12:30 PM

    Same due date, same life in shambles/no where near being done with the nursery here!

  4. I am due Jan 2 (but I'm sure the baby will be early) and I am in even worse shape than you! Let's hope we can both pull it together in time! :) Sending you good wishes!

  5. I am sure you will get it all done in time and it will look fabulous!

  6. Girl please you are not a mess I don't even know what I am. Good luck!  Can't wait to see it all! 

  7. Denise5:15 PM

    mrs. Limestone,
     I was 3  weeks early...just sayin'.

  8. Kerstin6:38 PM

    That dresser looks beautiful!! Give yourself a break. You can slowly finish things in the first few months after the baby is born, and it will be fine. The baby will never know the difference. (I speak from experience. I had to go on bed rest for 9 weeks before my 1st was born, and the nursery wasn't done and didn't get done until later.). All you need is to have your crib assembled, and I see you have that. Love the curtains by the way! Best Wishes!

  9. 5 kids and never had a nursery, ever. I would have loved one but they never seemed to care and are still happy! You're going to have it assembled sometime and it'll be great.

  10. Stephanie12:06 PM

    Love the dresser. What color and brand of white paint did you use? Good luck to you in getting the room ready!! Exciting times for you!

  11. Emily M3:04 PM

    Don't even stress the nursery.  My son is 9 months old and we're just now finishing ours.  We looked at it this way - the first few months he slept with us in our room so the nursery didn't need to be done right away anyway.  Things do take longer after the baby arrives but it also gives you the motivation to get done faster :)

  12. I didn't finish Ashford's until I was past due, so don't feel bad!  That dresser is going to be gorgeous!

  13. I just used whatever I had if I recall in plain white (no tint added) semi-gloss.


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