Beary Christmas Centerpiece

Ok so technically this was my Thanksgiving centerpiece (born of a surprise dive into the Target dollar bin) but I'm definitely going to be reusing it for Christmas so you'll just have to survive this post's terrible pun title.

BearyChristmasCenterpiece (2 of 2)BearyChristmasCenterpiece (1 of 2)

A wooden tray, some ikea candlesticks, faux snow and 3 cheapo bear toys conjure up a wintery scene right on my dining room table. Added bonus: The bears can double as favors for the kids who come to Christmas dinner. 

Anyone else adding some surprising elements to their holiday decor? Please share!


  1. I love how unique and "a-typical" it is...I would leave it up all winter long! = )

  2. somemum10:29 AM

    I found adorable mini christmas trees with sparkles at Trader Joe's that we paired with  candles. The kids love them!

  3. I love this SO freaking much! Those bears are awesome. Wish I was a kid who could take one home as a favor...

  4. I love it! So modern.

  5. I recently spray painted an elephant from the Target dollar spot...but I love him so much he'll probably be allowed to grace my home all year. :) I like the bears!

  6. Sixtyfifithavenue2:14 PM

    adorable! great idea to give the bears to the kids coming over.
    cutest baby shower ever, btw.

  7. Sjteacher1811:42 PM

    Hubby made me that box/tray this year for T-day. I bought 3 pks of moss "rocks" at the dollar store, an snaked them from side to side.  Not sure if I will add snow/sand...but I am loving it's Zen-like feel, Love the bears as decor AND gifts!

  8. Anonymous1:44 AM

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  9. Lana @ makingahouseahome.com3:04 PM

    this is amazing, i love it! it would make me laugh through the meal every time i looked at it. thanks for the inspiration! 

  10. Wow that's one unique centerpiece. How did you do that? How did you gather those materials? That tree looks really authentic.

  11. LindsB2:50 PM

    I love this!  The bears are so unique and really cute!


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