I want to make you: clay tags

I'm totally smitten with homemade clay tags this year.  I'm running out of time to get this done for the holidays but I'm really loving them in all their forms!

Like these beauties by Besotted Brand:

Or this simple faux bois version from Live Laugh Rowe

Or handpainted versions from A Beautiful Mess

Have you made your own?  Is it realy as simple as it looks? 


  1. The last ones are gorgeous!  

  2. They do look lovely, don't they? Which is why I've had that special clay lurking in my craft cupboard for two years now...just waiting for the Christmas that I'm at a loose end...I need to get going in the summer-time, I think!


  3. Cara @ Lilac and Grey9:06 AM

    smitten as well :)

  4. I am also obsessed with clay tags.  They are so simple and chic.  These are all spectacular.  You should totally make some.  You definitely don't have enough going on right now. ;)

  5. Also, sometimes I leave comments on your blog and I don't see them show up.  Like just now. :)  Am I doing something wrong?

  6. Oh I know - I love these.  Have been wanting to do something clay so bad.  Besotted Brand is my new favorite stamp/paper items store.  So pretty.  Meg, I totally see your comment.

  7. Jamie Foley11:25 AM

    Thank you for these pretty tutorials.  I was looking for a tutorial for polymer clay butterfly (symbolic of renewal/rebirth, something that has been an ongoing theme in my life this year) ornaments online yesterday and there was an abundance of ugly.  These are so much better!  

  8. Ooh, those are really sweet! I started attempting to make clay tags myself recently, but they did not turn out nearly as pretty as your examples.

  9. Kelly Rowe2:43 PM

    Thanks so much for the feature :)  They are as easy as they look!  I kept putting it off for fear of it being complicated and was pleasantly surprised!  Happy Holidays.

  10. Lavenderandlilies3:09 PM

    I love them.  I had this grand idea of making chalkboard tags.  Totally did not happen.  I think I would have had to start in October making them to get that done.  

  11. Caroline R3:16 PM

    Oh my god I love these! Such a great idea.

  12. Erin Ethier3:46 PM

    i'm obsessed with these too!  or for making tree ornaments with little ones out of them!  (next year, when she's big enough!) :)

  13. Oh I love it, how sweet and thoughtful!

  14. Jo-ann5:35 AM

    I have made ornaments this year and sold them at a local craft fair, 19 stars with shear ribbon, so easy and a big hit


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