Wrapped & Ready: Stencil Gift Tag

With Christmas just 2 weeks away, its time I get into preparation high gear.  So at 4am on Sunday morning, I attacked my gift pile with this year's treatment.  I used a simple reindeer head but you could do something a lot more elaborate with the very same technique.  It just requires a scissors, some cardboard (I used some left over gift boxes) and chalkboard paint (although any matte paint will do).  Especially handy if you have a lot of gifts - it costs next to nothing and makes a big impact.


This was super simple - I don't know why I never did this before.


  1. Jordan@the2seasons.com8:35 AM

    This is soooooooo clever!  Love it!  Plus it is cute!

  2. Sandi Allen10:45 AM

    Love this idea! How clever!!  Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Kelly @ Babiole de Windsor2:51 PM

    This is a fab idea!  I am so going to steal it :)

  4. What a great idea!  The possibilities are endless! 

  5. I need to find a stencil like this, I have tried drawing it myself and cannot make it look as cute! 

  6. Natalie Venegas2:00 AM

    This is the first time I have seen this done!  I love the idea!  Nice job!

  7. I didn't draw it free hand. Just find some clipart and trace.


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