Whats white and silver and red all over?

A: Our house!

After 15 Christmases together with Mr. Limestone (tomorrow will make 16!) this will be our last as as a twosome!  So we're savoring all of the prep and fun of the holidays as unencumbered as possible being that I'm 9 months pregnant and big as a house. We'll be hosting 13 guests on Christmas day so its a flurry of activity around here and I'm loving every moment.

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While I generally use mostly the same decorations year after year, I always add a couple of fresh items to mix it up.  This year we went with some silver star pendants from Ikea that hang over the table (scored at half price!).  I also drew up a little scene on our mirror that was inspired by this holy night poster by caravan shoppe but its a bit hard to photograph.  Finally a few bunches of cheap tinsel garland around white lanterns finish the scene.

Aside from the cooking, everything else is pretty much ready to go so looking forward to mostly relaxing today so I can soak up the magic tomorrow.

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Happy Holidays to you all! LOVE those little lanterns from IKEA ;D

  2. Beautiful decorations! Happy Holidays!!!

  3. Beautiful job, Stefanie. Merry Christmas to you and the hubs. Your little one will soon be on its way. So happy for you both! Have a wonderful holiday!

  4. Xenia Allen3:42 AM

    Everything looks beautiful. Merry Christmas!

  5. Ali B9:23 AM

    the holiday table looks lovely - just curious, but do you end up renting the chivari chairs to accommodate the 13 or did you already have those?

  6. I use the chiavari chairs as my everyday chairs.

  7. Megan@Two Delighted9:59 AM

    Just lovely! I have that same Happy Holidays ornament from Target and I love it. You always do such a beautiful job.


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