Diy Dictionary Bunting

This project is pretty straight forward but for anyone who might want to make their own, I'll save you the brain power of having to figure out what glue works best and what shape to make the flags. I actually finished this project between baby short naps so that says something about its ease, right? The most annoying part was cutting the triangles from the dictionary but once you can master that you are home free.


Obviously I used this bunting in the baby's nursery but I think it would make a great party decoration for a children's story themed birthday bash, a literary themed wedding (any book will do), or a surprise party using photographs instead of book pages. At a cost of almost $0, its a project I suspect Ill be using again.

ps: Yes, I used the very same dictionary I used for this project way back when. Lucky for me, there are lots of pages left!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this! I am going to make one for my superbowl party this weekend and have been meaning to find a tutorial. What a relief to find it here this morning!

  2. Amanda1:31 PM

    Where'd you get your lovely string?

  3. From paper source:

  4. Carrie5:28 PM

    I made a book page bunting for a book swap party and used pinking shears. I love the crinkle cut edge!

  5. I made something like this for my then-boyfriend's (now-husband's) 40th birthday party. The color theme was black and white, and we are big readers, so I made mine with dictionary pages, too.

    For mine, I wanted to make them stand out more from the walls - which in this case were white - so before cutting I painted random swirliness onto the pages with watered-down acrylic craft paint.

    Also, because I was decorating a large space for a party, I didn't glue them together, but used a single-hole punch at each top corner and strung twine through it.

    They were a really fund project!

  6. I made this for a literature themed party! Thanks for the tutorial, it inspired my bunting :)
    I posted pictures here


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