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A bit behind on my trip recaps but we did travel a bit in my last trimester.  Right before the airline cutoff, we took a short trip to visit Zurich. We didn't get very lucky with the weather and spent a lot of time dogging rain drops but we still had a good time.  Zurich is the kind of place that seems like a wonderful place to live - a beautiful city, great transportation, stylish residents, etc.  As a tourist, the main activity is walking around and soaking it all in.  Did I mention the food?  We pretty much spent the entire long weekend eating chocolates, sausages and other goodies - and it was all delicious!

Zurich (1 of 33)
Zurich (2 of 33)Zurich (3 of 33)
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Zurich (33 of 33)

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  1. alandval20119:10 AM

    For a second there, I assumed the holiday decor pic was your holiday party and I thought, "Well how come she didn't say anything about it in this post, that's odd..."
    But now I'm guessing this was a shop in Zurich. ;) Very cool pics!

  2. Ilana Graf10:16 AM

    I LOVE the swan photo!!! I think you take amazing pictures!

  3. Mary | lemongroveblog.com12:59 PM

    Everything about that trip looks simply amazing! The pictures of cocoa and the chocolates (along with the European landscape!) looked pretty epic :) Glad you had some time to travel before the baby!

  4. That snail shot is amazing!

  5. Your photos are beautiful - as is your precious, God given baby girl!!!

  6. Jessica @ Lavender and Lilies9:59 AM

    I love that you take these brief trips to Europe. I'm also super jealous because I could not walk around my house in my third trimester. :)

  7. Were you on bed rest? I was sort of terrified of that happening to me - I would have went crazy!

  8. Heather11:46 AM

    I got to spend about 5 hours in Zurich a few months ago during a layover. I'd love to go back and explore for a longer period.
    What a beautiful city. Your pictures really do it justice.

  9. Teresa12:15 PM

    My husband is Swiss and my father-in-law works in Zurich so we've been there many times. If anyone gets a chance to go, check out the Zeughauskeller restaurant. They have great potato salad.

  10. Megan@Two Delighted11:36 AM

    Sounds and looks dreamy. Beautiful photography as usual.


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