Magnetic Organizing {super 7}

Assuming you haven't already thrown out your resolutions to be more organized, I'm guessing some of you are planning on doing a pantry/junk drawer/coat closet cleanout over the long weekend.  So what better time for a round of awesome organizational uses for magnets?  Especially if you are short on cupboard space, using vertical space wisely is always smart!


1. Organized makeup cases by lizmarie (check out her entire bathroom - she is a master!) 2. Tuck a landing spot for your keys in an out of a way spot via bhg 3. tiny planters from etsy seller alissa rose 4. I turned some old picture frames into my mail center 5. Solution for those of us who keep buying new paint brushes from The Cavender Diary 6. Kids art supplies in tin cans from elsiemarley 7.  use scrabble lettes to mark opaque containers (or just for fun as shown here on buzzmills)

Now that my house is a pile of diapers and tiny clothing, I really need to get going on some of my own organizing projects. Maybe if I ever sleep again I'll find the energy!

Happy Organizing! 


  1. Jessica at Lavender and Lilies1:32 PM

    Oh I needed this! I am planning on working on my pantry this weekend.

  2. Thank you times a thousand for the feature!!! You just made my whole afternoon :) Great post!!! xx Liz Marie

  3. I wish I could be this organized, so jealous!

  4. My pleasure. You need to come organize my house ;)

  5. Renee @ Lattenene Chat7:06 PM

    I have lots of magnets. Now I know how to put them all to good use. Thanks for the ideas. It's foggy and cold in Seattle this weekend so I know what I'll be doing

  6. lisa and tate8:54 PM

    Speaking of diapers and tiny clothes, please share some pics of Aggie.. pretty please.

  7. What a terrific idea! I soooo need to get organized myself. Thanks for the tip. -Al

  8. Bohdan Nykon6:42 AM

    all ideas are good. You really did a great job. I’ll do

    the same when foggy days will gone. i will get some cheap
    furniture and it will apply your ideas

  9. I don't know if it's just a January thing, but I'm on a real organisation kick at the moment. Love the idea of using magnets and vertical space - so original! And easier to keep tidy because it's not hidden away in cupboards.

  10. Jane Kohlenstein9:01 PM

    Thank you so much for the feature! And, for sharing all of these other great ideas too!! Have a great day! :)


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