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With my maternity leave winding down and my house in a state of chaos, I've been on an organizing kick lately.  There are very few things I find less exciting than cleaning out old closets so I always seem to find some other project to distract me.  Which brings me to a freebie download for you!
BookplatesBROOKLYNLIMESTONE (3 of 5)

I stumbled upon my Christmas Mailing from 2008 and thought it would be nice to make Aggie some bookplates for her ever growing library.  See what a good procrastinator I am?
BookplatesBROOKLYNLIMESTONE (4 of 5)BookplatesBROOKLYNLIMESTONE (5 of 5)
Since I was making some for her, I figured I'd share the design for all of your who are still living in ancient times and have old fashioned books lining your shelves.


Hope some of you can put them to good use.  If you do, please drop me a line or photo- I'd love to know.

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  1. Very cute and useful. Thank you!

  2. These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love these and I am printing some for my son's library. How did you do the text for Agatha? A stamp? printed or by hand? Also if you love book plates have you seen this site:

  4. This is so cool! Thank you for being so generous with your talents.

  5. Loved this...Thanks for the intro
    Android Developer

  6. Anonymous11:54 AM

    SO charming. My husband will love these since he is building quite an extensive library. Btw, if I were your neighbor, I would clean those closets out for you--that is one of my most favorite chores. Painting baseboards? That is what I hate.

  7. Did you print them on stickers? Or just on paper and glue them in?

  8. I love bookplates- in elementary and Jr high school, I always liked seeing who had previously checked out the book that was now in my possession. All of this escaped my memory until yesterday when my kids checked out the book Curious George goes to the Library- and in the story, it has a Librarian stamping the book plates for George and the kids. I had forgot how much I loved that process growing up- all we do is scan and go now!
    Anyway, these book plates are so adorable, and I'm going to be printing some off for our most loved books. :)


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