Mentioned: This Old House

Guess who DIY mail center was featured in this months This Old House?  Exciting! A little bit of a reminder of how much I love to work on these little projects (that I haven't made much time for lately).


The article featured several other blogger's clever DIYs.  Read all about it in the March issue.


  1. So awesome! I had no time for anything when Max was first born. My blog definitely slowed down. But now that he's five months old, I've been figuring out how I can be a mom and still do things D-I-Y related. Sleep helps lol! Congrats on the fame!!

  2. Uh, go you! This message center is one of my faves from your blog. And P.S. Considering you're still BLOGGING, I'd say internet high fives all around. I can't ever find the time to blog, much less do the projects to have something to blog about! You're doing fab :)

  3. Congrats! That is super exciting :) You must frame your fame!

  4. HOW EXCITING!!! You will figure it all out, and balancing it all is really a Mom's life work. Enjoy the ride and her sweet little self!


  5. Congratulations! That is such a great accomplishment. Life is good.

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