Favorite Entertaining Trick: Sewing Pattern Favor Wrapping

With the end of summer near, I can't help but start to think of putting my party hat on and get back to entertaining.  So while I get my own plans in order, I thought I'd ask some of my favorite blogger hosts to share their favorite entertaining tips/projects with us.

This is the final guest poster in Entertaining Tricks series (I'll be sharing my own personal favorite tomorrow!) is from Emily of Go Haus Go. I've had the pleasure of her contributing here before so you already know I'm a fan but I happen to think Emily has one of the best eyes for color so of course I had to ask her to chime in.

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Emily May

Emily says:
"For throwing parties or showers, I'm always focused on the guest favor. And, in my opinion, guest favors are hard! There are very few things that everyone loves that are inexpensive enough to hand out in bulk. Wrapping of the favor also goes along way... I typically buy the favor and DIY the packaging.

One of my go-to's are little seed cup packets (from the dollar spot at Target) wrapped in old sewing patterns. Patterns are easy enough to find... lots (10+ in a single listing) are available on eBay or Etsy for a few bucks. The fonts on old patterns are always neat and when wrapped around something small, there's an interesting graphic effect.

Once wrapped, I stamp a couple of tags (from Office Depot or Staples) with a "Thank You", add a ribbon and call it a day. Cute, easy and nearly everyone likes the idea of future flowers (even if they never get around to being planted.)

I've used these favors for bridal showers, baby showers, you name it. The vintage patterns change depending on the theme, too. Bib patterns, wedding dress patterns, etc. To really amp up the cheese factor, growing seeds work so well with a message about growing babies, growing love, growing in age, etc.!"

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Thanks Emily.  I had no idea sewing patterns were so easy to find.  I will definitely be using this idea in the future.

Do you have a great entertaining tip you want to share via a feature?  Email me!


  1. I love using things like this as wrapping paper. I have a few old magazines with great, colorful, funny ads. Because I want to keep them, I make a color copy of the page on my printer/fax/copier. Using a paper that is inexpensive will mean it is thinner and easier to use for wrapping.


  2. Such an original idea! Plus, I love extending the life-cycle of an old item, so this is right up my street. And if it looks amazing too - all the better!

    Maryam @ softandcosy.com

  3. Love this idea! So simple yet absolutely unforgettable.


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