Favorite Entertaining Trick: Thoughtful Guest Room Goodies

With the end of summer near, I can't help but start to think of putting my party hat on and get back to entertaining.  So while I get my own plans in order, I thought I'd ask some of my favorite blogger hosts to share their favorite entertaining tips/projects with us.

Today's entertaining trick comes from one of my all time favorite bloggers Ez of Creature Comforts.  It is a go to source for all of the tiny little details that make life sweet.  Her entertaining trick comes courtesy of one of her friends  - someone I am now convinced must be the world's most thoughtful host.

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Ez says:
"I must confess that anything I know about hosting overnight guests has been gleaned through the example of my dear friend Marichelle. I've had the great fortune of being a guest in her home many times, and without fail an overnight stay with her as host leaves me feeling spoiled in the best of ways.

On a recent visit, my daughter and I were welcomed into our room with a beautiful basket of bath goods, a dresser top stocked with tasty gluten-free snacks and water (my daughter can't have gluten), a tray arranged with a vase of roses and few essential toiletry items, and on the nightstand...a framed photo of our two beloved pups (they had to stay at home and Marichelle knew we'd be missing them). The thoughtful generosity of these unexpected touches instantly helped us to feel welcomed and at home, and this then set the tone for the rest of the fun and relaxing trip!

These days I now keep two baskets on my linen shelf that are stocked with essentials for guests who might come to stay over in our home. I also make sure to run to the market before a guests' arrival to pick up a few special treats (keeping any special dietary needs in mind) to help make their stay even sweeter. Through my friend's example over the years, I've learned that it only takes a little bit of effort to show your guests just how glad you are to have them in your home. And a warm welcome such a the ones she is so good at giving, will not be easily forgotten."

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Thanks Ez!  Including a framed photo in a guest basket might just be the sweetest thing I've never heard of!  Can I come visit?

Do you have a great entertaining tip you want to share via a feature?  Email me!


  1. How cute is that!!

  2. That's really sweet and thoughtful. I feel like the Motel 6 of hostesses now.


    1. Hahah I love this comment! Seriously, I need to step up my hosting game!


  3. This is such a sweet idea and really very easy to execute. I especially love the framed photo. What better way to make someone feel welcome.

    I've been thinking of something like this along the electronics line. Having a charger they can use as well as a little area designated for charging. I like the idea of combining the two gestures and coordinating it with matching trays or something.

    I'm going to absolutely put this together for my guests!

    1. Another thoughtful touch I would have never thought of! Love it.

  4. That's classy! in my bathroom I have a special tray for guests...... with a toothbrush holder and toothpaste, a few freebees (you know, when you buy an item at the perfume counter you get a few sachets), face cleanser, shampoo, a razor, a small bar of soap and a sign with a bee on it that says "bee my guest" hoping that subliminally the guest will think of bees later on and support anything that might save a few!

    I love the fresh flowers!


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