Favorite Entertaining Trick: A Sweet Little Gift

With the end of summer near, I can't help but start to think of putting my party hat on and get back to entertaining.  So while I get my own plans in order, I thought I'd ask some of my favorite blogger hosts to share their favorite entertaining tips/projects with us.

Wrapping up the series is a the lovely Gemma of The Sweetest Digs.  A DIYer after my own heart with a baby on the way, she consistently shares great budget friendly home ideas.  If you haven't already, stop by her blog and read all about it.

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Gemma says:
"I don't know about you guys, but whenever I throw any kind of party, I always think it's fun to put together little favours for the guests. It adds a little something special to the event, and folks are usually pretty darn excited to get to bring home a gift (I know I am!). From homemade jams, pies-in-mason-jars, small packages of stationary, to little candy bags, there are so many affordable and DIY-friendly options. For my recent baby shower, my Mum and I decided to put together some planters for each guest. They were like little ready-to-grow herb gardens - with the earth, seeds, planter, and label all included. They were so easy to throw together and everyone seemed to really love them. Plus at around $2.60 a pop, they were super budget friendly. I have even had a few people send me photos of their seedlings starting to sprout! 

Check out this post for the whole tutorial. 

Thanks Stefanie for the invite to pop on over here and share my fave entertaining tip! Happy party-planning, you guys! "

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Thanks to Gemma for sharing a great tip that every guest would surely appreciate.

Do you have a great entertaining tip you want to share via a feature?  Email me!


  1. I love the theme of sprout party favors at the party celebrating your new sprout! That is very cute.

    I confess I always love the little gifts that you can do something with too. Something like this would have absolutely tickled me.

  2. Such a terrific idea. Love this project!

  3. Adorable! I only think to do favors for kids' parties and weddings, but this is a sweet, simple idea.


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