Halloween Love: Prime Human Cuts Invitation

Few things give me more joy than to find someone else who shares my love of Halloween. While I consider myself no slouch in this department, I have to bow down to the supreme skills of today's featured guest for her amazing talents in the Halloween invitation department. Rachel of Salts Press throws a Halloween dinner party every year but this one is going to be KILLER if the invitation is any indication.


Lucky for me, she shared her work for us uninvited revelers and was even kind enough to send me my very own!  Lucky for her, I live a few thousand miles away or I would be shamelessly crashing this party.


See what I mean?  Amazing!  The mini cutting board, the tissue paper, the paper number tag.  It's all perfect together!


The concept is wonderful but the execution is even better.  All of those little details really pay off to let guests know this is something not to be missed!

Ok, Rachel, please take a bow now (if you aren't otherwise occupied in some other creative endevor.) Now when do we get to see those party decorations?

Have you dabbled in the dark arts of Halloween Love and want to be featured?  Email me!


  1. Love love LOVE! Y'all are amazing with all your Halloween creativity.

    I think we crashed her site...I've been trying to get on for about half an hour now!

  2. That is amazing! The level of commitment is on par with a wedding invitation!

    1. I would say these invites are better than most every wedding invitation I've ever received :)

  3. i stumbled upon rachel's site last year and fell in love with her Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies invitations so I asked her to recreate them for me. I love her style and attention to details. So glad you featured her work today.

  4. OOO! A Sweeney Todd themed party. What fun! I hope she serves everyone pies and pasties!

  5. Ah thanks for all the lovely comments, the decorations have started butchers curtains, creepy food platters, evil aprons and... oh yes planning what we might eat!

  6. Ps. Nothing can beat the Creature Survival kit - truly lovely.

  7. Love Halloween! I can't think of any other holiday that brings out this level of creativity. You and Salts Press are bowling me over with your party invitations- Who could say possibly decline when the promise of an exciting night is offered in such adventurous ways

  8. I don't know why but that grossed me out. I don't think Jeff Dahmer could have come up with any thing better for a invitation..


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