Must Make: Wood Slice Chalkboard

You already know I love using rustic wood in decor and entertaining (see: stumps , log boxes) so naturally, I'm doubly loving the whole wood slice chalkboard craft trend that is everywhere lately.
Here are some of my favorites:
sources: brittanys notebook / brit co / just the bees knees / bourbon and boots

If I lived in a place where wood slices grew on trees, I'd have a whole wall of these serve as an art installation in my backyard.  Alas, free wood slices are hard to come by for city dwellers like me so I'll just have to admire from afar for now. I think I might have to incorporate some of these into a holiday project for sure.

I know the whole chalkboard hot or not topic is hotly debated.  What do you think of this twist on the trend?


  1. I love this look! Would definitely incorporate a chalkboard like this in my fall/winter seasonal decor. I don't know if I would use one for year round purposes, but in the cooler months I think one would look great.

  2. Well, it comes down to people who can do the cute chalkboard art. That is what makes it cute. I like them just fine but never understood when people put them around food. Yuck. Chalk dust with my food?

    1. If you use a chalk marker, there is no dust.

  3. I love all of these options, too. I made one that was a little more rustic, but I think I"m going to try my hand at a smoother version. I love the idea of using it for a cheese tray.

  4. As a teacher who spend an unfortunate amount of time around chalk, I'm just so anti-chalkboard that I can't imagine incorporating that into my decor. I know it's different with chalk markers, but the dust and the sound gross me out so much that even seeing chalkboards gives me the shivers.

  5. I don't know if you have a Hobby Lobby near you, but I just saw wood plaques like these today and thought of you and this project! I might have to go back and pick some up myself! ;)

  6. Quelle horreur, all that calcium dust getting near your food! :o) There is also chalk in your toothpaste.

    I love the chalkboard look, and just wish I was talented enough to make it look good!

  7. I saw this a few days ago on your blog and loved it. I filed it away in my mental filing system, and low and behold, while at Michael's today, I found these exact wood rounds. $14.99 and a 40% off coupon. I'm also in Canada, so I'm sure it would be even cheaper for you (everything is more expensive here). I look forward to getting out my can of chalkboard paint and creating away :)

  8. you can buy these boards for a few dollars at Michaels craft store, just add chalk board paint and some chalk!


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