Making Merry Outside

You've already seen our stoop all decked out for Christmas but we had more to do...

To finish off the look, we hung an oversized wreath and some lush fresh frasier fir garlands down the steps and across the fence before we called it complete.  As if I didn't love it enough already, the smell of these garlands as I walk up the steps put me right in the holiday mood.

Just as we were finishing tying the last bit of garland up on the fence, Mother Nature decided to grace us with some beautiful falling snow to complete the scene.

Now I just have to finish decking the halls inside and Ill be able to move on to wrapping. I had a vision for a centerpiece but I couldn't find the pieces so I'm coming up with a plan B.
ChristmasDecor2012 (5 of 14) ChristmasTable2011-5
BearyChristmasCenterpiece (1 of 2) CarnationwithSilverTwigs ChristmasTreeTopperDIY-23
I might end up recreating one of the I've used for Christmas past but I'd much rather do something new. Any great ideas out there to share?


  1. Beautiful, I can practically smell the evergreens from here. The snow is the perfect icing on the delightful confection that is your home! Personally I am partial to the BearyChristmas center piece, but I am sure whatever you do will delight.

  2. I love the smell of fresh garland! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous.

  3. I'm sanding some dramatic branches and spray-painting them with a white-to-gold ombre effect! :-) I'm always a fan of crazy trees.

  4. I am so jealous! Your home is so pretty! And that snow.... just puts it over the top! :)

  5. So pretty! The snow just makes it perfecto!

  6. I just want to live on your porch lol! This is my ideal exterior. Absolutely love.

  7. It's just so beautiful. Lovely!

  8. Could that look any more picture perfect?! I love all of the greenery and white lights!

  9. Such a beautiful and welcoming home.

  10. Can I come?!!! Re. centrepiece for Christmas table.... I love every one you do, but if no time and can't find stuff, why not go back to one of the others but differently? The red carnations in the square vases would be good but in a different colour, with some baubles "underwater" and twigs sprayed to match the baubles?

  11. It looks stunning the outside of your home. Our son lives in Greenpoint, a restored brownstone. Your home looks like Park Slope. You have great decorating taste!

  12. Just BEAUTIFUL! Would love to live next to you and walk by it every day. Wait, scratch that...would love to BE you. When I grow up. How about do a centerpiece with candycanes and marshmallows...dare ya!

  13. I am going to do something with these salted Christmas Trees for my centerpiece! It's a great project that my 3 and 4 year old can help with!

  14. Anonymous8:01 PM

    you live in a big city. how come no one steals your boots or cute chalk board???

    1. I'm sure it could happen since there is always that bad apple but most people who live in big cities are pretty awesome (aka: not theives)


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