Winter Snaps

Most of the time, I love living in NYC but this winter has really been a drag.  I know I'm not alone in thinking this winter seemed a little more bleak. Thankfully its starting to warm up.  Hurry spring, don't be late!

over gowanus / new boots
flying above icy Jamaica bay / snow on the beach
time square flurries / white on bark

Who else is ready to say goodbye to winter?


  1. Omg. Yes! Moving in slush has been quickly becoming my nightmare. So ready for drier warmer days. Love the beach shot-- so sweet.

  2. Ready for warmer weather but living in upstate NY we sometimes have snow in May! Ughhh! I love those boots! Where are they from???

  3. Spring can't come soon enough.

  4. Dans le sud de la France, c'est déjà le printemps mais en fait, je crois que nous n'avons pas vraiment eu d'hiver cette année et c'est assez étrange finalement. Je vous envoie donc quelques rayons de soleil provençal pour réchauffer un peu plus vite votre hiver new-yorkais!

  5. Here in the southern hemisphere we are getting an extremely hot summer, it seems both hemispheres are getting extreme conditions at the moment. Though I prefer the heat over winter. I hope you see some sunshine soon!


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