The Tiniest Kitchen Renovation Update

The weekend weather was too perfect to "waste it" so I'm a bit behind on my project list but I did get started on the tiniest kitchen renovation this week.  I was debating about whether I should pull it all apart to paint it or just leave it in place and tape it off.  I'm so glad I took it apart because it was holding on to a ton of dirt and uck in the crevices.  I loved scoring the deal but I paid for it in scrubbing.

It's coming along.  A few more steps and it will be ready for the grand opening.

Someone already gave us some tiny pots and pans (that Agatha adores playing with!) so I'm on the hunt for a few other accessories.  How bizarre is it that I get a kick out of play food?  I can't even explain why an old bag like me is thrilled with the idea of a plush chicken with removal drumsticks  or a baby expresso machine but I can't help it!

If you prefer kitchens of the grown up variety, I have some nearly finished shore kitchen photos to share tomorrow.


  1. The kitchen will look great!
    When we played house when I was little, I loved the pretend frozen food boxes. Here's what I came up with in a quick search.

  2. My daughter just barely figured out how to spoon feed herself and I've had that same espresso machine bookmarked for nearly a year. :) Pretend play is the best!!
    Good luck with the tiniest kitchen! :)

  3. That is so cute! My mom has my old (harvest gold!) play kitchen and my son LOVES to play with it. We just don't have room for something like that in our new house. Blah.

  4. Haba makes some little tiny wooden food in tins that is amazing and fantastic! Perhaps too small for her now, but keep it in mind. I've found it on amazon.

  5. I really need to put in a new counter in our kitchen. It has really been put in good use over the years. Maybe we can even put in a granite counter top.


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