How to Make Decorative Letters from Wood Scraps in 4 Easy Steps

As requested, a little more detail on how to make your own wood shim decorative letters for almost nothing in very little time.  Next time I make these, I'll use scrap wood to make them a little more sturdy and saving me the time of drilling pilot holes.

how to make letters from scrap wood |

It really is 4 simple steps:
1. Lay out your letters cutting as needed.
2. Drill an overlapping hole at each joint. Thin pieces of wood will need pilot holes.
3. Thread a nut and bolt at each hole
4. Tighten as needed to hold its shape

Obviously I used these in my garden but I think these would be especially great for party decor since they are cheap and impactful.

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  1. What a sweet project! I love that mix of wood and metal! I agree, this would a great way to make party decor as well :)


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