Once you go black...

So after much hemming and hawing, I ultimately decided to go with a black front door.  The option of something more colorful definitely tempted me but I kept coming back to black. Everytime I would see a shiny black door, it always stood out. So here we are.

Here is a quick snapshot but Ill be able to really show it off once I get this years Christmas stoop decorations up. I got started on my plans for that this weekend (naturally I can't just make my life easy and repeat what I did last year - I can't help myself!) but Ill need a few free days to get that all wrapped up.


  1. Looks great. Always a classic in black.

  2. Outstanding! Classic and elegant and striking.

    Plus, it goes so well with all the seasonal decorations!

  3. I love your Christmas decorations...wow. This new black door will be a wonderful backdrop for any Christmas decoration. By the way I say stoop all the time, I am originally from New York. Whenever I say the word, people in Boston don't know what I am talking about. I smiled when I read your post. Miss New York so much. I lived in Brooklyn for a year also. Karen

  4. The door looks so much richer in black. Good choice.

  5. Me too! I want a high gloss black front door. Our house is white and we can change the shutters and doors. My husband really wanted a blue that sang so he has that now. Next maybe it will be black but then I just want to leave it that way. Then our house and office building will match - both white with black doors and trim. Too classy.

  6. Such an inappropriate title.


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