Christmas Stoop Decorated

There are few things as wonderful as coming home after a long day at the office to the the twinkle of Christmas lights shining a path to my door.  The finishing touches were done this weekend so I'm happy I can share my stoop tour and enjoy it for the next few weeks. (Or spring if I'm naughty)  I added a couple of DIY elements this year - a red light nosed reindeer and a simple painted banner.

ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (1 of 14)ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (7 of 14)
ChristmasStoop (12 of 14)
ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (11 of 14)ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (9 of 14)
ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (10 of 14)ChristmasStoop_BrooklynLimestone (6 of 14)

SantaWreaths and trees from Lowes
Joy to the World Sign  & Lighted Nose Reindeer Cutout: DIY


  1. Love the banner and the reindeer cutout - and seeing your tree just behind the window! The reindeer noses on the wreaths are adorable.

  2. Perfect! Especially that sweet face peeking out :)

  3. you are one of those people that brings joy to peoples lives
    thank your decorations

  4. Nicely done. Merry Christmas!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous....especially your little photo bomber at the bottom!

  6. Oh, I love this soooo much! It's fun, but it still looks elegant.

    Your black door is almost as gorgeous as the little angel peeping out of it!

  7. This is absolutely stunning! I love all of the greenery with the gold accents. And your little one is too cute, peeking outside :)

    xoxo, M - M @ The Sequin Notebook

  8. Everything looks so beautiful! I love those front doors with the wreaths (and the cute little face peeking out.) I was in Brooklyn a few weeks ago and wished I had your number just so I could see THE Brooklyn Limestone in person. Maybe some day...

  9. So pretty and love your reindeer.

  10. It's beautiful! I bet everyone on the street smiles as they walk by. :)


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