Shore Living Room In Progress

It's still freezing out but I'm dreaming of the shore. With the bathroom and kitchen looking pretty good, its time to move to the living room. If you follow my instagram, you know I picked up a dresser in need of a makeover for this room. Not sure what sort of treatment that dresser will get but its huge! I already have furniture and rug that works but the room needs window treatments and artwork.

Excuse my sad little doodle ... sometimes drawing it out will help me visualize but I'm still not there so I'm turning it over to you for suggestions!

I keep coming back to the camera photos for either the far wall or over the sofa but that still leaves a hole.  I want it to feel relaxed and resort like in here without it being too much of a beach cliche.

So come on summer. I'm ready to get going!


  1. What do some of your favorite resorts have in common? If you can narrow down what you find appealing about the places you've stayed at, perhaps that would help give you ideas?

    Or maybe photographs you've taken of local attractions?

    You are so creative and have such fantastic taste, I have no doubt thet the perfect idea will come in time!

    1. Thanks! I tend to like the staff more than the decor at resorts anyway - can't i just take them home with me?

  2. I think I'd plank a wall. You could keep it kind of drift woody gray. It would add interest and texture and say beach without being cliche.

    1. I luurve a plank wall but I'm not really going with a rustic vibe here - I want something with a hint of modernity (a foil to my Brooklyn house I guess). I suppose I could do that and then paint it all white but that doesn't have the same impact.

  3. I agree and barnwood gray plank wall would be pretty sweet.


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