New Uses for Old Red Wagons

There are always a couple of things I tend to visually search for on garbage days at flea markets. One near the top of the list is an old red wagon.  There are just so many adorable ways to repurpose it.  I did find this one for a reasonable price on Cragslist but when you add in gas and tolls, it's not quite such a good deal for me.  (Anyone in north Jersey, please feel free to snap it up.)

new uses for old red wagons

sources from top left: cre8tivedesigns |  just something i made | the primitive progress | someday crafts | sidewalk ready | 2ndhandtips

If you spot one curbsibe, grab it and I'll be right over! I'll happily dumpster dive for my prize.

What do you think of the radio flyer projects?


  1. i actually already use two of these ideas. I have a little red wooden wagon my father-in-law made for my son when he was small (he's 22 now!). I keep books in & love how it looks. I also have a small radio flyer on my screened in porch with a little fairy garden planted in it.

  2. I think that wall shelf is the coolest!!!

  3. I like the Radio Flyer ideas. I have my daughter's wagon in the basement but I never thought to repurpose it. It does seem a great idea as a beverage carrier outside.


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