DIY Hanging Succulent Planters

With some beautiful weather this weekend, I got to spend a few hours adding some succulents in this scrap wood hanging planter.
Make-A-Hanging-Succulent-Planter |

While the doodles on the board are totally not necessary to make your own, I promise you anyone can do this.  Provided you don't mind imperfection, succulents are super easy to draw. I sketched with a pencil first and then outlined with a black marker pen. I added color using a green colored pencil and a chalk ink marker (since I had those handy but you can improvise). Finally a few cup hooks (see, I told you they were handy!) and we are done.

Hanging Succulent Planters | www.brooklynlimestone.comHanging Succulent Planters |
Hanging Succulent Planters |

This design would work equally well for an herb garden or just about any small plant. You could even make a smaller version and hang indoors from a window casing.  Or make a much larger version and use it as a space divider / added privacy.

Hanging Succulent Planter |

Now the real question is: can I keep these alive?


  1. Yes you can! do you have drainage holes in bottom of the cans? - they don't like soggy bottoms..... and you really don't need to water them. Mine are in the garden in containers still going strong after about 3 years, and I never watered them again once they were established. If any of them flower, remove the whole "rosette" once the flower is over, as it will die then, but the rest of the group in the can will be fine. We are in the South West of the UK, so whilst not such extremes of temperature as Brooklyn, if you even it out it's similar.

    1. Thanks Susan!

      Ok silly question but what do you mean when the "flower is over"? Do I wait until the baby flower dies before plucking it out or do that right away? Can i replant the flower to form a new plant?

    2. Sorry, I forgot to come back to you!! Some of these flower for me every year. the flower rises on a long stem and they are odd but appealing. When the show is over and the flower dies, the rosette it came from will wither and die..... you can carefully pull it out and chuck it, as new plantlets form themselves, no need to gather seed. The rosette you remove will not form a new plant, but you should be lucky to spot the new "babies" next year. I have some small containers 3-4 years on and I do nothing except remove the dead ones and the pots still remain looking full. Good luck.

  2. I love this! You are so very creative.

    The tip with succulents is not to over water. I have a hard time keeping some kinds alive too.

    1. Thanks Jenny. Since I tend to forget about my plants, I should have no problem underwatering :)


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