5 Amazing Ways to Repurpose Vintage Suitcases

It's no secret I have a love of vintage suitcases. (See exhibit A: Vintage Suitcase Cat Bed)  Whenever I spot them for sale, I have to resist the urge to bring them all home with me because really, what am I going to do with them?   Well, now I have 5 great excuses to continue to collect.

This suitcase was turned into a photo prop that could easily double as art by the talented people at The Copper Anchor.  Gorgeous!

Tara Dennis play suitcase is fabulous - toys that come with their own storage always get extra points!  | I've tried to make a side table with suitcases that was a bit of a disaster but an end of bed trunk is so much of a better idea because it requires just the one and it's easy to DIY. | Lolly Jane wins the award for most obvious genius reuse by simply repurposing them as organizing bins | Ki Nassauer takes it to new heights with a gallery wall of DIY suitcase shelves

So take that practicality - now I can't afford not to pick up all those vintage suitcases I've been passing up.  Totally enabled.


  1. Love these ideas! I keep my cordless drill in my Grandma's old monogrammed suitcase. It is sturdy and all my bits fit in the inside side pocket. My Grandpa's business card luggage tag is still attached for some sentimental value also!

    1. Such a great idea. I always spend far too long looking for my electric drill!

  2. Love this...sharing with my followers. I have a suitcase, too, that I used for my wedding and now I want to repurpose it in my home decor. Thanks for the inspiration!


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