Learning Chalk Lettering

I'm a sucker for learning a new creative skill so it's thrilling when I get the chance.  When Valerie McKeehan's Complete Book of Chalk Lettering popped up in my book recommendations, I knew I had to have it.

Last night I gave my first design a try.  It is by no means perfect but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  I still can't quite master the perfectly sharp lines that is pretty key to a neat letter but I'm sure with a little more time, it will get easier. There will be lots more practice in my future but there was something very zen about the whole thing so I'll definitely be doing more. Maybe my office chalkboard wall will one day look the way I want it?

This post WAS not sponsored nor did I receive the book for free - I just really enjoyed the book. Lots of chalk lettering inspiration can be found at the author's blog Lily & Val.


  1. I like your first design! I think I need this book, it's been on my wishlist for several months and I'm just gonna buy it right now. I've somehow stumbled into creating large chalkboards for weddings and events so I'm always looking for fresh ideas. One thing I have learned is that chalk markers will give you those crisp, bright lines and I'll combine that with regular chalk for shadowing.

    As a graphic designer, I've always been a bit type obsessed and chalking is such a great break from all of the mouse clicking and staring at a computer screen. I love hands on art. I have some art on my instagram @gloriajoy, but there may be some scrolliing involved.

    1. Yes definitely treat yourself. Its a good one that walks through the various techniques in a way that is easy to just get right into.

      I love chalk markers for windows but I find they don't erase very well from chalk painted walls but maybe I'm not using the right brand. Which ones do you use?

  2. It looks awesome! Do you start with the chalkboard wet and then keep dipping the end of your chalk in water? Somehow that helps the white of the chalk be crisper and it dries with more contrast:)


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