Cooking with Aggie + Blue Apron

You know by now how much of a Blue Apron fan I am so I’m thrilled to have another opportunity to share another amazing recipe. Ok, I will admit that when I first read 'Sweet Potato Pizza', this born and bred New Yorker rolled her eyes. I mean really - can something without tomatoes or mozzarella even considered pizza?  But since the chefs at Blue Apron have never let me down, I figured it was worth soldiering on. And more importantly I knew Aggie would just love to help making pizza so I was excited to crack this box open.

The ingredients came with ready to cook pizza dough so the hard part was complete.  I chopped and boiled the sweet potatoes to prep the ingredients. Then I made a quick b├ęchamel using the provided flour, milk and cheese.   Finally it was time for the fun part!  Aggie got her apron on and we stretched (and slapped and pounded) the dough a bit until she declared it was the right shape.  The dough got a little rub down with olive oil before we added the b├ęchamel, sweet potatoes, onions and fontina cheese.  In the oven it went for 18 minutes and we anxiously awaited the result.

Even though our pizza wasn’t quite the perfect shape pictured in the recipe card, it smelled and looked pretty delicious right out of the oven.  We knew the argula topping would not have toddler approval so we halved it down the middle leaving the greens for the adults.  Time to eat! My mind was blown - it was absolutely delicious.  (Trust me on this!  Even if you don't have Blue Apron, go out right now and make this. You can thank me later.)  The slightly sweet, creamy nature of the sweet potato paired perfectly with the cheese and onion on a chewy golden crust.  This is absolutely going into the regular recipe rotation and best of all, we had a great little family memory making it.

As you can tell from Aggie's face, she enjoyed it too!

Looking forward to my next box.  Especially looking forward to trying  Fresh Gnocchi + Maitake Mushroom and Hearty Potato, Broccoli + Quinoa Salad.

Want to give Blue Apron a try? Sign up here and get 2 free meals with your order.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Blue Apron but all opinions expressed are genuine.


  1. Yum! I'm trying this for sure. Sweet potato ranks high on my list of loves. My absolute favorite - the sweet potato/black bean/avocado tacos from Love and Lemons. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank Melissa. I'll check that recipe out.

      I actually don't usually like sweet potato - something about sweet vegetables (not a carrot fan either) that turns my palette but this pizza was a game changer.

  2. I didn't even notice the food in this post. I could only focus on that beautiful child!

  3. I need to try Blue Apron! Your daughter is beautiful by the way!

  4. That sounds and looks delicious! Nice alternative to the same old tomato + mozzarella pizza.


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