Twisted Charlotte's Web | Halloween Invitations

It's that time again!  This year's theme is Charlotte's Web with a Halloween twist.  The hoax is found out, the pig is no longer and Zuckerman's farm has turned into an artisanal Brooklyn butcher.  (insert evil laugh here)

The invites are the Zuckerman's farm logo apron inviting patrons to try that radiant, terrific, humble pig along with a hang tag that completes the story.  It reads:
You might have heard
about "some pig"
we thought he spun webs
and struck it big.
But that pig was a cheater.
He was totally faking.
Alas he got his,
now that pig is some bacon.
The package is tied up with some twine and butcher paper and off to the guests.

Now the invites are out, it's time to get decorating.  Stay tuned next week for more.


  1. OMG, I am in HYSTERICS over here! This is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I seriously wait to see your invites every year. Love love love the apron, the logo, the clever backstory. Just brilliant!

  3. Your Halloween posts are something I always look forward to- What a creative spin on a classic story and... everyone loves bacon!
    Can't wait to see the party decor come together!

  4. You always amaze me with your Halloween ideas. Can't wait to see the decorations.

  5. Your creativity never ceases to amaze & impress me. What an original idea!

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    Wow!! So very impressive!! Every year I look forward to your Halloween party and every year you manage to outdo yourself. What a fun story line/party theme.

  7. AWESOME! So creative!

  8. Well we now know what the finger food will be: Bacon wrapped this and bacon wrapped that! And don't forget bacon chocolate chip cookies! I hear they are great- sweet and salty is always delectable. You are just too, too clever! But how are you going to hide this Wilbur's gruesome twist of fate from your little darling? Cant wait to see more!

  9. Amazing! Your Halloween themes are always so brilliant! Cannot wait to see decorations and costumes:)

  10. Amazing! Your Halloween themes are always so brilliant! Cannot wait to see decorations and costumes:)

  11. Do you doubt that we are thousands to be like children in front of our computers have waited the theme and now your photos of your beautiful Halloween party ?

  12. Squeeeeeeee!!!!!! (This was the actual noise I made at my desk this morning when I saw this post!)

    I cannot WAIT for the rest!!

  13. Adorable theme!!!! You've done it again. :)

  14. Anonymous5:32 PM


  15. Ditto to ALL the sentiments above! You are the master creator of Halloween parties & decor. Halloween is one of my favorite (close contender behind Christmas, wink, wink). I have too much fun on this holiday. Wish we were in the same state. I would stalk you more! LOL!

  16. I love it! Where did you get the aprons from?


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