Party Planning: Bon Voyage

Confession time - I totally flaked on throwing a proper party for Aggie's second birthday last year.  I have reasons a mile long but it came down to just not being so inspired last year so I skipped it. She really had no idea last year so I don't feel too bad but this year is different.  She absolutely understands what a birthday party is now.  She tends to ask if today is her birthday about once a week.  So this year we are doing a Pretend Play Paris party.  Oui!

This idea board doesn't really show you all of the fun things I'm planning but gives you a little idea.  The Paris theme is a pretty common one but I putting some DIY spins on it that I think will be a new take it on while still being a total blast for the littles. Let the party planning begin.


  1. I hosted an epic Francophile 8th Birthday celebration for my are going to have a delightful time! Sharing in case you can incorporate although you are never without plenty of ideas...each guest received an inexpensive pink feather boa and they all adored wearing them...I ordered plain crepes from a local restaurant and assembled with Nutella and strawberries, fresh cream, sprinkle of was a feast of a meal. French music played, and everyone was asked to wear pink or black or both, and they were so tickled. Enjoy your daughter!

  2. I already know her party is going to be magical, love your ideas!

  3. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me and as your blog is loading up I just can't wait to see what you're up to next! Your fete for Aggie will be over the top, as usual and can't wait to see all the cute details! Such a lucky girl she is with such a talented mama! Love seeing your idea board! Do you have any simple how-to's on making an idea/mood board? Sometimes I feel like playing and dreaming about a room project and would love to know how to do one of these idea boards. Thanks in advance.

  4. I found the 3rd birthday was the last party I really got to decide the theme of for my kids! I never did get to do the Madeline/Paris party or the Strawberry party I had dreamed of organising. Currently planning a Ninjago Party for my baby's 5th birthday ��

  5. Love it!!!
    How do you create your boards?


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