5 Faux Fireplaces to ❤

I have no plans of moving but if I ever chuck city life to live in the burbs, a fireplace is on the top of my list.  Not only is it great for holiday decorating (I know, too soon - don't worry, I'm restraing myself for at least another week!) but it just makes a house smell and feel cozy all winter long.

While not as good as the real thing, I kind of love the idea of a completely removable fireplace. Out it comes for decorative purposes but it can be stored away when not as ideal. Here are 5 great ideas that are impossible not to love.

1.  It's no surprise the most gorgeous example comes from the ever talented Ana White.  With beautiful trim and style, I'd never guess it's not the real thing. Full tutorial and plans on her site.
2. Another great DIY with a stacked log and shiplap details is from Blesser House who provides a very detailed tutorial on how to recreate it yourself.  Would have fooled me!
3. If you want to go in a totally different direction, you can buy a ready made print from Sunrise Kingdom and tape it to your wall. Very temporary but very fun. Done and done.  (You could also pretty easily recreate this on black chalkboard paper for a few bucks)
4. A mix of the farcical and the DIY is this bright and bold version from Sew Home Grown with plans also by Ana White.
5. Finally my very favorite example is simply the subtle placement of an old house salvage piece via Country Living. Not a DIY but something you can frequently find at architectural salvage lots. If I had a spot for it, I'd be scouring the east coast for one of my own.

What do you think about faux fireplaces?  A throwback to the cheesy plastic version of the 80s or something that can be done with style?

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  1. I am freaking in love with the Ana White example!

    I am on the hunt for a full mantel. We don't have a fireplace, but I am not one to let reality stand inthe way of decorating.

    I have found a few I like, and money aside, what holds me back is that I can't quite figure out how we'd attach it without knocking a hole in the wall, since all the ones I have liked would stand out from the wall otherwise.


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