Black and white whimsy bathroom makeover

Black and white whimsy bathroom
sources: mr owl / squirrel cage fixture / ceramic jar / bathmat / floating shelf 

Remember the unloved bathroom? Well it's getting some attention in the form of a mini makeover. New paint and accessories to update this space. All of the fixtures will stay except for the shelf above the toilet and light fixture. I took your advice about not worrying about towel storage in here and decided on this fun Owl print. A little bit of whimsy without going all crazy in the kids bathroom department.

Thoughts?  I haven't actually purchased anything yet (painting first) so let the suggestions fly!


  1. I have this picture of Giraffes wearing sunglasses printed in my bathroom. It brings me absolute and 100% joy every time I see it. I love that the baby giraffe's sun glasses are giraffe glasses!

  2. Love the things you've picked out! And am in love with the owl print. Perfect for a black and white kids bathroom. And I do love a bit of whimsy in bathrooms. :)

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  4. Your flair for whimsy without going too cutesy is my favorite. I totally remember the "unloved bathroom"!

  5. Love, love that light. I have to redo our boys' bathroom and would love one like that. I don't know if it will put out enough light by itself. Can't wait for all of the rest of the posts on this to help get me focussed.


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