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Today's beautiful blogger backyard feature is all about charm.  If you can drag your eyes away from that amazing red shingled home, you'll find an inviting outdoor space with just the right mix of old world and modern convenience. And it's no surprise because this is where Jaime of That's My Letter lives.  She is already a DIY maven who shares her talents by sharing her build plans for just about everything - so it's no surprise she has built almost everything herself.  Love that!

Jaime described her space as follows:
Our backyard space triples the square footage of playable area for my kids run wild.  In the Spring when the snow melts we are gifted with an outdoor space that is open but still private and has almost everything a kid could ask for (minus the treehouse with zip line but I have to draw the line somewhere).  The pool and trampoline are their favorites but there is also a whole slew of DIY projects out there that I have completed over the last three summers: the dining table, adirondack chairs, see saw, hose hiding planter and swinging bench just to name a few.  And to be honest we spend most weekends at the beach so this backyard space serves as our summer weekday entertainment when the kids are not at sporadic camps.  It’s a great entertaining space complete with the original well to our 1740 antique home.  The well sits centered prominently in the middle of the backyard as a constant reminder of days long gone by and the daily hardships those farmers must have endured.  We often think about how lucky we are to be able to enjoy and relax in this beautiful space while hundreds of years ago there was probably no relaxing going on at Samuel Brown’s farm.  Please enjoy this space as we do and if you’re ever in Westchester County, NY feel free to stop by!
I love how she has created discreet zones for relaxing, entertaining and playing.  But don't take my word for it - pop over to That's My Letter for a more complete tour of this charming outdoor oasis.

Have your own beautiful outdoor space to share?  Tag your insta snaps with #beautifulbloggerbackyard to be featured.  Stay tuned for another beauty tomorrow!

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