Steal this Idea: Under the Bed Wrapping Station

Last night I got to attend a Martha Stewart event (check out my instastories for the scoop!) which led me scouring Martha's website for the recipe for the amazing caramel corn she made for us. And then I was down the rabbit hole looking at all sorts of things but stopped dead at this. Why didn't I think of this?

Under the Bed Gift Wrap Station

If you recall I made my a gift wrap organizing storage station a while ago but sadly I had to get rid of that when this closet was turned over to Agatha's wardrobe. Oh the things we do for our kids.

But Martha's version is even better b/c you can actually wrap ON the thing. And the tap and scissors are right there! NO more searching the depths of the junk drawer. I love it and I want one. Hey Santa - put this under my tree please!

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  1. Wow - yes I do want this! But I think it also need some sort of cover - maybe an upside down rectangle tupperware topper to prevent dust collecting? Leave it to Martha...


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