Girl Astronaut Nursery Makeover

Last month we celebrated a very joyous occasion - the arrival of a niece! Since our family is rather small, this was truly an exciting event and we were so happy to welcome her into the world. Of course no baby's arrival is complete without a tiny space to call her own. My brother and sister in law went with an astronaut theme for her nursery which I just adore.
Girl Astronaut Nursery

I helped a little with the constellation mural and a few suggestions but they did all of the hard work. I love the "after" but especially after knowing what the "before" looked like.

Pretty impressive, right?

Space Theme Nursery for GirlBook Display and Storage in Nursery
The space is small but functional, creating display and storage as well as clean open space.  Perfect for lulling baby to sleep. When she is a little older, there will be space to play as well.

I helped with the constellation mural.  We tried a few different wants of painting it on but ended up figuring out that a silver sharpie (or actually 5 or 6 of them) was the best and easiest approach.  For just a few bucks, it made a great impact on the big blank wall.
Constellation Mural DIYArt for a Astronaut Theme for Baby Girl Nursery

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  1. This makes me feel better about my house :) knowing there's going to be an after photo!

  2. SO adorable, and soothing! Do I recognize the same style crib that Agatha had?

    Congratulations to the proud parents of this newest little one! I am very close to my cousins, and we're all well into our 50s now. It's a fun relationship and I'm glad your daughter will get to experience it, too.

  3. Oh my gosh! I almost laugh out loud how amazing you're! The room is awesome!


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