Inside Outside Deck Makeover with Lowe's [Sponsored]

Confession: Our back deck has always been a problem. It gets full sun and snow and weather exposure so no matter what product or paint I've tried, I haven't had much luck in keeping it looking good for any extended period of time. Case in point, we just painted the deck boards last year and they already looked like they hadn't been touched in a decade. The kids couldn't play out here because of the splinter issue and so I never put much effort into making it nice.

Despite it's relatively small size, I knew it could be a great addition to our home. An outdoor living room for city life complete with lounging and eating area. But the battered floor boards always stopped me in my tracks.

That was until I had the idea to cover the boards with faux grass. Until I started doing some research, I had no idea how far faux grass had come in the past few years. I was only familiar with that tacky green rug like turf that I had seen growing up. Well it's come a long way baby! It was definitely a risk but one I was willing to take.

Luckily Lowe's carried the perfect product - Sequoia Everlast Artificial Grass - it had some great reviews and came in variable widths. Despite it being somewhat unruly to carry, it was surprisingly easy to install. Unroll, cut around the edges and post and voila. It was transformed! It was soft underfoot and the kids immediately fell in love with it. Cue rolling around on the deck laughing.

Now that we had a space we could really enjoy, it needed some furniture. Back to Lowe's I went. The most important piece was the seating and I got lucky and found an L shaped Outdoor Sectional that was a perfect fit. I used an upturned barrel planter as a side table and 2 piece nesting table set as a coffee table. The bistro set I had from 10 years ago fit perfectly into the other side to create a little dining (okay, coloring and outdoor craft) area.

Heavy duty string lights fit perfectly across the pergola posts (this is one strand doubled so that the bulbs are closer together) paired with a set of stylish lanterns add some nice light. A majesty palm tree tucked to the side adds a little bit of tropical luxury to the space. All installed in a few hours!

The budget?  All this for less $1300!  Well worth it for adding an entire other lounging space for the whole family to enjoy.

Not only do we get to use this space when the weather is nice but I have also improved my view since this is what I see out of my kitchen window. We spent more time out on the deck the first weekend than we did in all 10 years prior.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lowes Home Improvement. All opinions expressed are my own. Thanks to wonderful partners like Lowe's that make this blog possible.


  1. What a change! I love it! Wonder if it gets mold under the grass?

  2. It's beautiful! Hope you enjoy it for years to come.

  3. Love it! We found a remnant piece of turf one day and threw it on our back porch when we lived in Brooklyn and literally did the same thing your kids did - laid on it! Of course we only had it for one summer before we moved out, but it was a complete game changer. My only piece of advice would be to maybe poke some extra holes in the bottom, depending on how drainable yours is. We often found ours would really hold the water after a hard rain. Love the whole new space!

  4. I'm also curious how it holds up in rain and whether it will get moldy under the artificial grass?

  5. Wow, that looks fantastic! Fabulous before-and-after!

  6. I love it all so much! And now I really really want faux grass too.

  7. I can't believe how soft that faux grass looks! My neighbour has his entire backyard covered in faux grass (not the good kind) and the dog won't even walk on it, ha! This looks like a fantastic place to hang out with the family.

  8. Fabulous makeover! Must feel so good under your feet, so so cozy too!


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