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disclosure: This is a paid advertorial with Corian® Design but all opinions expressed are my own.

One of the hardest parts of a home renovation - particularly a kitchen renovation - is picking from the seemingly endless material options. While we are lucky to be living in an age where there is so much variety, it can be overwhelming - especially when tackling a big project. When I'm feeling overwhelmed by choice, I find it helpful to narrow down my options with a moodboard and then use that as a reference to help guide all of the decisions that come up along the way. It makes becoming sidetracked a little bit more difficult. I ask myself  'does this work with the board?'  If not, it's a no go.

Enter Corian Moodboard Maker - this brand new, easy to use, tool makes creating that inspiration board so much easier.  First, I select a style that most closely reflects the feel I want. Then mix and match with material and texture images to create a personal look. I used the library of images Corian® Design provided as well as my own. No special tools required. When I was happy with the moodboard, I was able to save it to my phone (perfect to reference on that impromptu shopping trip. Corian® Design even offers an option to print it out to hang in your space.  Since I was going to be sharing it with you, I went through the process a few times to fully test it out and it was hard to make a bad combination. An added bonus of going through this process is that it also helps you identify materials and textures you are sure you don't like.  Understanding what you don't want is sometimes just as important as knowing what you do!

In this case, I'm working on a kitchen renovation inspired by a modern farmer's market - I added images of black painted bricks, copper pennies, weathered wood and the gorgeous pops of green and purple of fresh artichokes.  I paired that with Corian® Calacatta Natura Quartz (my latest countertop obsession) and Nero Soapstone Quartz. With just this moodboard as inspiration, I'll be able to select everything from lighting fixtures to appliances to outlet covers.

Corian Moodboard Maker is so flexible, you could use it for any room in the house even if it doesn't include a countertop. For the home decor junkies out there like me, it's fun to play with no matter what the reason.  Give it a try!

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