Living Room Update at the Shore

You know that thing that happens when you buy one new piece and then everything else looks shabby in comparison so you want to change everything?  Yea, well that happened.

I fell in love with this round wood coffee table while shopping for something completely unrelated.  Yes, from Amazon!  Can you believe they sell furniture?  I was kinda shocked myself but I buy everything else on there, why not a coffee table?  Anywho - I had it in my cart for a few weeks and I kept thinking about it.  The problem was, I had a perfectly good coffee table already that just wasn't what I wanted for this new shaped room (see this post about how we shrunk our living room to make a bunk room for the kids). So I put the table up on the local facebook classified ad to see if I could recoup a little money for it.  Lo and behold, I had a lot of interest and sold it within a day!  So then I felt fully justified in treating myself to this new table.  It arrived a few days later but now everything feels a little bit old and worn by comparison.

Before you yell at your screen, I have no plans on actually doing much in here this year.  I still have a one year old who has a penchant for making messes. And the odd shape of this room is really stumping me as to what would be perfect in here anyway. Replacing the furniture right now probably doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  But I do feel the itch!

Room Sources:
Coffee Table
Sofa (similar)
Rug (similar)
Cordless Window Shades
Camera Print

In related news, this rug could use a cleaning but I don't own a carpet shampooer thing. Anyone have one they love?



  1. I would be glad if all WebPages provided such type of best articles. kid friendly sofas

  2. fingers squealed to a stop on the mouse when I saw this image of your living room space...WOWZA!! I so very much l o v e it!! Would you please share your source for your pillow covers? Did you design them? They are "me" too,( I create my own from remnants of jeans and scraps of linen fabric) so I am really interested in any links you could provide. Thanks!

  3. The table looks great! Beautiful natural lighting from the side-by-side windows too. Cute space!


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