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If you have been following me on insta (let's face it, I post a lot more often over there than here these days) you will know I was working an office redo for the past few months in fits and spurts.

My old office design was fun and perfect for me 10 years ago (no kids, rarely worked at home, lots of storage space elsewhere, plenty of time to be organized) but I had seriously outgrown it both in function and in form so a makeover was long overdo.

Since there is the possibility that we might one day move Oscar's bedroom into this room down the road, I didn't want to do anything extremely permanent in here.  And course I didn't want to spend a fortune either.

I repainted last year Farrow & Ball Downpipe which totally changed the look of the room. But then I was at a stand still.  What can I do to give myself lots more storage without going the way of built ins or making this tiny room look like a pantry?

Ikea to the rescue. Of course I paid for it in the form of giving myself carpel tunnel syndrome hex wrenching a thousand of those lock screw things but it's so worth it!

I moved the desk placement to occupy the entire width of the room on the far wall. I was wracking my brain to get that perfect fit without spending a fortune on custom woodwork until I stumbled upon the countertops at Ikea.  I paired 2 dressers (although looking at it now, I think I should probably get another one for the right hand side) and a chevron wood countertop.  It was a few inches too long so I cut it down to size and plopped it on top of the drawers.  No additional work or assembly required!  Having a desk that not only has tons of room, can hold my printer and has tons of storage is such a game changer.

The green velvet office chair warms up the room a little as does the gold framed mirror and artwork.  Yes, those are Aggie's paintings behind the monkey (aka the world's largest pen cup!)

On the other side of the room I used a tall white metal shelf with drawers.  This shelf holds SOOO much. My less than perfectly even floors make this piece a challenge to level but other than that I'm really pleased with it.  Yes, those are Aggie's drawings behind the world's larges monkey pen cup. She is very proud to make her contribution.

I wish I could say I'm completely done but I still have a couple of small things - a new window treatment and a rug - but I am happy with the outcome.  So much more quirky and brooding while feeling more spacious and having more storage.  What more could a woman ask for?


  1. I'm taking personal pleasure in the fact that you decided to go with the ornate mirror on the left! Yay to tweaks and updates around the house. Love this little space for yourself.

  2. I like the shelf drawer unit , first time seeing this item. Do the drawers work efficiently?I have had complaint from other Ikea metal pieces in the past. I really like the whole plan in your pace.


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